How Do I get Saved?

The Greatest Gift Ever Given - And How to Get It For Free!

The Greatest Gift Ever Given – And How To Get It For Free!

Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus is God’s only begotten son, born of a virgin in a manger. He would split the veil between our world and God’s eternal kingdom as He gave His life up and died for our sins on the cross at calvery. He then, as predicted in scripture and proclaimed by Jesus himself to his followers rose from the grave on the third day and lives forever more! Where is He today you may ask? He’s currently in Heaven preparing us a place and interceding to the Father God on our behalf as we speak.

How do I get to Heaven?

God has prepared a place for us and wishes for us to live with Him for all eternity. Here’s the great news! This gift of eternal life with Him is given freely to us, but with one stipulation. He wants us to freely accept and believe in Him and His son Jesus Christ. You see, Jesus and what He did for us is the only way to get this gift. There is no other way. This belief is what we call our faith, we must put our faith in God and His son Jesus. We must also turn from our sinful ways and try to live a pleasing life for Him, as flesh we will stumble and fall, that is why we must keep asking for forgiveness and try our very best to turn from these sins. That is all it takes.

How do I accept this Free Gift?

I’m so excited you asked! Remember when I said you need Faith (the belief in things unseen) earlier? Well this is where I need you to have a little faith in the following things. 1.) God is the one true God and creator of everything. 2.) God had one Son, Jesus Christ and He was born of a virgin named Mary. 3.) He gave up his life on the cross at calvary as a sacrifice for your sins. 4.) He rose on the third day after being placed in a tomb, and He lives forever more! Now, I need you to repeat this simple prayer with me:
Jesus I am a sinner and in need of a savior. I ask you Jesus to forgive me of my sins and wash me clean with your blood. I profess with my mouth that you are the one and only begotten son of God. I believe in my heart that you was born of a virgin and died for me on a cross at calvary. I believe you rose from the dead after 3 days in the tomb and you live forever more! I also believe the bible is truely the living word of God. Please Jesus, I ask you to come into my heart and save my soul and I will turn from my wicked ways and serve you the rest of my days.

What’s my next steps?

If you just said the following prayer and you believe in Jesus Christ and what he has done for you then I am excited to call you my brother\sister in Christ! Your name has just been written down in God’s book of life and right now the angels are celebrating and proclaiming your name in heaven! Praise the Lord for your salvation!
Your next steps are to read God’s holy Word in the Bible, and find a place of worship and surround yourself with like-minded christians to grow in your new walk with Jesus! I wish I could tell you life and everything will be so much better now, but it won’t. Just as God and Jesus is real, so is our adversaries satan and his fallen angles and demons. You will have trials in your life but rest assure God is with you, and you have Jesus at your side to help you through these trials in life. You will truly see how much you will truly grow in your spiritual walk with Jesus through these trials. And one sweet glorious day, we will all meet to reign with Jesus forever more! I pray a prayer of blessing and love over you and your new walk with Jesus. If we never meet you in this life rest assure we shall meet one glorious day together!